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Had a leaky faucet causing water damage under my kitchen sink. Brian came out at 8 am the next day and got it fixed (installed the replacement faucet I had purchased) as well as replaced a leaky outdoor spigot. Years ago, Brian also installed my sump pump. He is super knowledgeable, laid back, and friendly. He's up front with costs (of which are very reasonable) and work quality is excellent. I'll definitely be calling him for future plumbing needs.

Jeremy L.

Modern Plumbing Services did a GREAT JOB! They were very knowledgeable about what I needed, professional, on time and equipped with PPE and very friendly. I would highly recommend this company. I needed a particular kind of water heater and he found it for me.

Linda T.

Brian from MPS was one of the few plumbers I found who was willing to give me an estimate. He talked to me about the replacement of my water heater, as well as several other smaller jobs I needed taken care of. His estimate was accurate and he was able to get everything done in a pretty short amount of time. I’m very happy with the work and also with his professionalism and the advice he gave me during the job. Would definitely use again for any plumbing work.

Elizabeth S.

Went like magic. Immediate callback, knowledgeable chat, good brands, next-day availability even though non-emergency, very competitive price, punctual, friendly, 2-hour swap. I never had an urgent service need filled so well before...this is how all service should be but rarely is.

Kenneth W.

Brian was very easy to work with. He responded promptly to my request for an estimate--some $400 lower than another quote I received for a comparable unit--and was able to fit me in the next day. He explained the issues thoroughly and courteously. He completed the work in the specified time frame and cleaned up afterwards.

Becky M.

Brain was fantastic and very accommodating of our schedule and time. He immediately took care of the problem (a stuck faucet that made our new washing machine inoperable), and when he was done, we walked around the basement with him giving me some tips on plumbing items that my Wife and I have been considering. He even recommended against something that we had been thinking about a water heater and instead recommended something less costly and more reliable! I will have him to back soon to do more work and I highly recommend Brian and Modern Plumbing Systems. I found my new plumber!

Shawn K.

I wanted preventative replacement of the inside mechanisms of the toilets in my house, as well as water supply lines to sinks and toilets. Brian at Modern Plumbing Systems told me it wasn't necessary, but I told him I'd rather have him replace the parts preventatively than after a failure/flood. He estimated the work and came back a few days later with the parts to do the work. He told me the greatest risk I had was the washing machine service lines, as they were rubber and 15 years old. I happily had him replace those parts with new stainless steel braided parts, as well. This is the second time Brian did plumbing work in my house, and I'm very pleased with his work. I will call him again when I need plumbing work done.

Adam G.

Brian, the owner, was extremely responsive, very informative about water heaters and installed my new water heater the same day. I received a new 50 gal electric water heater including delivery, installation and removal of the old unit. Brian and his assistant did a great job and were very neat in the process. The final price was actually slightly below the estimate. I was very happy with the results and would definitely use Modern Plumbing Systems again.


My water heater was getting old, and since I didn't have a drain pan under it I decided preventative replacement was in order. Brian, the owner, responded to my call and we talked through water heater options. He recommended I go with a larger water heater than I had, as the cost is about the same in purchase price and operating/electric usage. I did some more research and found this to be true, then asked him to install a more energy efficient unit that they normally install. He gave me a very reasonable quote for the installation, and he ordered the water heater. Brian isn't always great about responding to email, but that's really not a problem. He not only is the plumber, but also runs the company, so it's understandable that he can't always respond to emails in a timely manner. He is responsive via phone, though. During installation, Brian and his assistant were careful in my home and left it clean after installation. The cost was hundreds less than any of the other quotes I received, and the work was very good. I will call Brian the next time I need plumbing work.

Adam G.

It went great. Brian and his assistant used a bigger cable with a sharper cutting end to clear the roots from the houses out-flowing drainpipe. The first company I hired just didn't have the equipment or the technique to get through it. Brian was cautiously optimistic that he could clear the drain. It took him a few hours because every time he'd cut his way through one clogged section, the camera revealed another clogged section further down the line. He was persistent and inventive, and --voila! -- he cleared the drain, showed me the full lengths of sewer to be clear of clogs, and charged a very reasonable $700 for the many hours that it took.

Richard R.

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